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This Knowledge Centre Platinum Package contains all the courses given below.
Detailed Courses (30-40 Hours of Lectures for each course with Gamified Learning Material)

  1. Management
  2. Economics
  3. Sociology
  4. Law & Constitution
  5. International Relations
  6. Big Picture Analysis
  7. World History
  8. Indian History
  9. Indian Art & Culture
  10. Personality Development

Short Courses (2-6 Hours of Lectures for each course with Gamified Learning Material)

  1. Education Heritage of Bharata
  2. Emerging Sciences in the World
  3. Sanatana Dharma & Spirituality
  4. Temple Architecture
  5. Military History
  6. Geographical Mapping
  7. Heart Intelligence
  8. Reasoning Skills
  9. Thinking Skills
  10. Emerging Technologies & AI
  11. How to Improve Your English?
  12. Identifying What is Important in Newspapers
  13. Confidence Building & Public Speaking
  14. Body Language and Behaviour
  15. Essay Writing Tips
  16. Basic General Knowledge

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Course Curriculum

World History
Hemant Sharma
Law & Constitution
Anit Ramawat, Former Director & Head of Marketing, Hindustan Unilever
Satyanand Jha
Personality Development
Mr. Manoj Mani
Big Picture Analysis: Current Affairs
Frank Rausan Pereira
International Relations
Frank Rausan Pereira
Indian Art & Culture
Frank Rausan Pereira
Indian History
Frank Rausan Pereira
Education Heritage of Bharata
Nutan Naidu Pereira
Emerging Sciences in the World
Shivakumar Belavadi
Sanatana Dharma & Spirituality
Frank Rausan Pereira
Temple Architecture
Frank Rausan Pereira
Military History
Frank Rausan Pereira
Reasoning Skills
Frank Rausan Pereira
Thinking Skills
Frank Rausan Pereira
Emerging Technologies & Artificial Intelligence
Tapas Datta
Identifying What is Important in Newspapers
Frank Rausan Pereira
Basic General Knowledge
Frank Rausan Pereira
How to Improve English?
Frank Rausan Pereira
Confidence Building & Public Speaking
Frank Rausan Pereira
Body Language & Behaviour
Frank Rausan Pereira
Essay Writing Tips
Frank Rausan Pereira
Geographical Mapping
Frank Rausan Pereira
Heart Intelligence
Frank Rausan Pereira

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